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  • My Monsterpiece

    Written and illustrated by Amalia Hoffman

    A celebration of imagination, creativity, acceptance, and art that will delight children of all ages.

    What to Expect:

    • Adorable Art: Entirely engaging hand-drawn cutouts provide a 3D effect with interesting texture and details for little eyes to discover on every page.
    • A Perfect Mix of Humor and Critical Thinking: With just as much heart as it has wit, this book will make kids laugh and think all at once.
    • Social and Diversity Learning: Provides teachers, educators, and librarians with a fun read that will provide opportunities to discuss diversity, inclusion, and stereotyping in the classroom.
    • Storytime Read-Aloud with sounds like RAHHHH and GRRRR: Perfect for Halloween and monster theme tables.
    • Exploring Creative Possibilities: Illustrations created with basic materials that children use in making art encourage children to go ahead and make their own monster creations.


    The pre-order link is coming soon!