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children's bookS (simplified chinese edition)

Coming out in 2020

The Vanishing Lake

Written and Illustrated by Paddy Donnelly

Meara’s Grandad lived near a lake called Loughareem. This lake was mysterious because sometimes it vanished! Meara and Grandad set off to discover the reason why the lake would vanish. Maybe it was the sheep this time. Did their wool soak up all the water when they went swimming? Or maybe it was the mermaids who pulled out the plug in the bottom of the lake. Or could it be the narwhals? Join Meara and Grandad on their adventure as they discover the real reason for the mysterious vanishing lake.

Coming out in 2020

How the World Works

Written and Illustrated by Megan Hobby-Kauffman

Tip and Grandpa Trundle were wondering how the world works. They asked Season Ringer-Inners, Leaf Waker-Uppers, Dew Drop Bringers, Tide Puller-Inners and Moon Hoisters, but none of them knew. They didn’t learn how the world works until they met an interesting little man, Tally. When disaster stroke, Tip learned an unexpected lesson and finally discovered how the world works.

Coming out in 2020

The Dog Ate My Homework

Written and Illustrated by Kyle Beckett

Ben didn’t bring his homework to Miss Fitzelhoff’s class, and he used the oldest excuse in the book: his dog ate it. How could Ben make his classmates and Miss Fitzelhoff believe his story? Was it real or not? Find out in this delightful story that puts a fresh twist on an old excuse.

Date of publication: July 2019


Written and Illustrated by Chiara de Fernex; Translated by Ke Pan

Chick wanted to fly like a bird, but Mother Hen told him their wings were too small to fly. Chick left home to explore the world outside. There he met little ducks and all kinds of different animals. The world outside was full of wonders and happiness that made Chick feel so excited that he wanted to stay with his new friends forever. However, when a storm came, all of Chick’s new friends left him. He found a place to hide when he heard Mother Hen calling his name. Mother Hen’s wings were so small that she could not teach Chick how to fly, but they were perfect to protect him.

Phoenix english

Phoenix English Magazine is for Chinese readers learning English as the second language. It provides language learning materials and aids for readers in China, as well as introduces them to different cultures of the world.

Phoenix English Levels 1 & 2

by Foreign Language Centre of Yeehoo Press

Level 1 and Level 2 consist of many stories, both classic and new, and some rhymes, games, and craft ideas. The main purpose of these two levels is to inspire interest and introduce the reader to the delight of reading.

Phoenix English Levels 3 & 4

by Foreign Language Centre of Yeehoo Press

Level 3 and Level 4 contain a wider range of topics, including history, geography, nature, cultures, and etiquette, as well as classic and new stories. The main purpose of these two levels is to expand the reader’s exposure to new topics and to cultivate a habit of reading regularly.

Phoenix English Levels 5 & 6

by Foreign Language Centre of Yeehoo Press

Level 5 and Level 6 further expand the range of topics and provide readers with a larger knowledge base. The main purpose of these two levels is to enhance the reader’s ability to explore a variety of topics in depth, developing them into readers with fine taste and critical thinking.