Spring 2021

My Monsterpiece

Amalia Hoffman

The Vanishing Lake

Paddy Donnelly

When I'm Not Looking

Farren Phillips

Milo's Moonlight Mission

Kathleen M. Blasi;

Petronela Dostalova


My Monsterpiece

By Amalia Hoffman

Ever tried to make the meanest, wildest, scariest monster? What if even a green tongue, pointy horns, creepy sharp teeth, and claws won’t frighten anyone away? Join the frustrated artist on a hilariously hair-raising adventure where the scary and not scary mingle and lead to the discovery that overcoming fear and prejudice can bring about a wonderful FRIENDSHIP.

Be a coronavirus fighter!
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Be a Coronavirus Fighter!

By Songju Ma Daemicke and Helen H. Wu

What is coronavirus? Why can’t I go outside and play with my friends? What should I do? This informative picture book explains the current virus situation in simple terms and urges children to help fight it!

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