Spring 2021

My Monsterpiece

Amalia Hoffman

The Vanishing Lake

Paddy Donnelly

When I'm Not Looking

Farren Phillips

Milo's Moonlight Mission

Kathleen M. Blasi;

Petronela Dostalova

Fall 2021

The Perfect Party

Laurel P. Jackson;

Hélène Baum-Owoyele

The Whole World Inside Nan's Soup

Hunter Liguore;

Vikki Zhang

Chameleon Can Be

Carolina Farías

When I'm not looking (May 18, 2021)

When I'm Not Looking

By Farren Phillips

An interactive detective story with fun fill-in-the-blanks and laugh-out-loud details. Legs loves her pet duck. But Legs isn’t quite sure what her duck gets up to when she’s not looking. Her duck may want Legs to think that she is just sitting around a pond eating bread all day, but Legs knows better than that! She is certain that her duck is more likely dressing like a knight and fighting dragons, starting an army of ducks, building a rocket, and even trying on Leg’s best pants. Join Legs on her quest to solve the mystery!

The Vanishing lake (April 20, 2021)

The Vanishing Lake

By Paddy Donnelly

Something mysterious is happening at Lake Loughareema. There are days the lake is beautiful, shimmering, and full. And then there are other days . . . where the lake is completely empty. Unsatisfied with granddad’s wild tales, Meara sets out to explore the entire island to uncover the truth for herself. Little does she know the answer is much larger than she realizes, and it might just take stepping back and opening her eyes to the impossible to discover the magic of Lake Loughareema.


My Monsterpiece

By Amalia Hoffman

Ever tried to make the meanest, wildest, scariest monster? What if even a green tongue, pointy horns, creepy sharp teeth, and claws won’t frighten anyone away? Join the frustrated artist on a hilariously hair-raising adventure where the scary and not scary mingle and lead to the discovery that overcoming fear and prejudice can bring about a wonderful FRIENDSHIP.

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What is coronavirus? Why can’t I go outside and play with my friends? What should I do? This informative picture book explains the current virus situation in simple terms and urges children to help fight it!

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